Reel of the Month

Based on subscribers votes on our FaceBook page ROCKET PROPELLED LTD REELS we will feature a new Rocket Propelled Ltd members’ reel each month and Industry Professionals will add feedback and advice for you all to follow. To participate go to:

REEL OF THE MONTH – September 2012 – Tasha Dixon


AIMEE MUSIL – Casting Associate at “Pagano/ Manwiller Casting”

I like the jingle at the beginning–it’s fun + fits with your “brand”/image. The scenes can be edited better–we don’t have to necessarily understand what’s going on in the scene/film/episode, and certain scenes (like the police officer/street scene and the sh*t my dad says) we’re waiting a few seconds before we actually see you on camera. The titles for each scene are really nice + helpful, they set up what the show is for us; we don’t need to see the clip of the lead actors prior to seeing you. For consistency’s sake, the last two scenes should have titles, that way if whoever is watching your reel has a copy of your resume they can reference it/see what it is–short, webisode, indie, etc & who directed it.

REEL OF THE MONTH – August 2012 – Joseph Gilbert



RICK PAGANO – CEO “Pagano/ Manwiller Casting”

It’s good, although I wish the first few clips had just a touch more (as in longer) content to them.  I feel that the first clip is especially meaningless, because it’s just a quick moment with Tom Gibson but I don’t really get a sense of his acting.  I actually kinda like the moment of him in drag.

AIMEE MUSIL – Casting Associate at “Pagano/ Manwiller Casting”

Really nice range of characters/shows a diverse body of professional-looking work. Motorcycle scene is really cool/a nice lead-in to the Title Card; however I would like the title card to maybe be at the beginning so I know whose reel I’m watching right off the bat (as we tend to watch quite a few reels in one sitting!). Then a title card with contact info at the end.

CASSIDY BOYD – Casting Assistant at “Pagano/ Manwiller Casting”

Really nice reel. We don’t spend too much time with any of the individual characters, and yet I am able to gain a clear understanding of the kind of work you do. I especially enjoyed the range portrayed and feel there is a strong balance of both dramatic and comedic material–with some over the top characters thrown in as well. My only note is that it would be nice to have subtitles detailing what each clip is from, but that is just a personal preference. I also thought the guy riding on the motorcycle at the very end was Tome Cruise! Take that as you will!


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