Private Coaching

These are teachers that have been recommended by our subscribers in LA. Feel free to comment or if you have a coach you would like to recommend please email us the information:

(In alphabetical order)


Amy Lyndon

Reviewed by Subscriber: Tonya Kay

Amy Lyndon has developed a 15 step booking technique to be used for auditions.  Cause we all know booking the job is different than working the job.  Amy says she is not an acting coach, she is a booking coach.  The 15 step Amy Lyndon technique is tangible, realistically implemented in 1/2 hour of time (for those truly cold reads!) and Amy herself is a magnificent being that believes in the potential to work in all of us.
She offers group classes or private coaching as well as online classes so you can access no matter what your locale

Diana Castle – The Imagined Life Studios

Reviewed by Subscriber: Lynn Freedman

I started with Diana at The Imagined Life about six weeks ago and I can already feel (and see) huge changes in my work and in my world.  Coming from a strict two year Meisner conservatory in NYC, which was ALL ABOUT THE WORK/ART (students were discouraged from auditioning or taking jobs until after graduation), studying in Los Angeles was nothing short of discouraging.  Every class seemed like either a networking opportunity, a place to brag or bitch, or a therapy session, until I found Diana Castle.  At The Imagined Life, the technique is primarily about imagination, and it requires discipline, trust, and commitment, three things that can missing from an actor’s life, especially when things are moving slowly in the career.  The first step is the introductory class, where Diana teaches the fundamentals of her groundbreaking techniques.  Afterwards, you are placed in an appropriate class. The class is set up much like any other scene study class, but there are some different rules. For example, you are not allowed to talk with another actor about their work.  No compliments or criticisms AT ALL.  I find this very freeing because I’m able to do my work from a pure place, without hoping for any kind of validation from my peers. This is not a studio for the faint of heart.  Diana is blunt and honest and incredibly smart and intuitive.  The studio requires a six month commitment and a minimum of an hour a day on imagination work, but if you are serious about your craft and serious about growth, this might be the place for you.

Risa Bramon Garcia’s Master Class and Coaching

Reviewed by Subscriber: Austin Highsmith

Risa is a true artist who understands actors, how to communicate with actors, and how to direct actors to do their best work. She simplifies all of “the noise” and makes the work accessible and clear. I run to her class when I need a creative reboot. And be it through the wisdom she imparts or the passion she infuses, she never fails to give the tonic that I need to recharge!
 Contact: or 818-986-9777
Reviewed by: Jamie Ray Newman
I wanted to recommend the great Risa Bramon Garcia as an acting coach.  She is someone Hollywood is lucky to have as a resource and mentor.  Risa brings years of priceless experience to the table, discovering some of the greatest actors of our time (Hello Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction!), and she is so passionate about acting, so generous and wise.  She has been a great influence on my work, and I am extremely indebted to her.

Tom Killam

Reviewed by Subscriber: Stephanie Maura Sanchez

Tom Killam is a knowledgeable, patient, and honest coach.  He brings 40 years of experience as an actor and director to the table,     having trained in every aspect of “the craft”: acting, voice and diction, movement, stage combat, miming, Shakespeare, music (guitar),– with some of the top teachers in the history of the biz: Lee Strasberg, Viola Spolin (improv), Ron Anderson (voice)–to name a few.  He brings  all of it to the table in his coaching.  His approach is very direct.  He will tell you exactly what you need to work on and give you specific techniques to improve your performance in that moment.  He has a no-nonsense, but loving approach that will leave you feeling inspired and fully prepared.  Since working with him I have booked my first 4 co-stars in only 6 months.  He’s top notch and affordable :).  I HIGHLY recommend him whether it’s to prepare for an audition or simply to work on your craft.


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  1. Thanks Jaime and Austin for the lovely reviews. I love the work with you guys and as you know, am your greatest advocate, as your coach, director, casting director…

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