These are recommended workshops in LA, please check the DISCOUNT section, where applicable, for ROCKET PROPELLED subscriber discounts. Feel free to comment or if you have a workshop you would like to recommend please email us the information:

(In alphabetical order)


Actors Advantage Showcase

ROCKET PROPELLED SUBSCRIBER DISCOUNT: Use code “1wrkshp”  on checkout and get a $10 credit for  your first workshop.


Actor’s Key

Acting classes & workshops with instructors (casting directors, agents, managers, etc.) for  actors.  We help actors educate themselves on the business of acting, & fine tune their skills. Format: prepared scenes (chosen by the actor), 1 on 1 performance, written evaluation sheet from the instructor based on performance.

ROCKET PROPELLED SUBSCRIBER DISCOUNT: Mention Rocket Propelled Ltd and receive a $5 credit to use towards future workshop.

Review by Stephanie Sanchez:  This is my favorite place to do acting workshops.  The format is what makes it so good.  You get to pick your own scene that’s your casting and in your wheelhouse and then you perform it in front of the casting director and reader, just like you would in an audition.  It’s great training for real auditions, and the fact that you get to bring the scene of your choice in means you have the opportunity to be extremely well prepared and make a great impression.

Act Now!

Act Now! is Los Angeles’ premiere Actors Networking Company.   We specialize in building relationships with major casting directors working in film, episodic TV, sitcoms, commercials, and soaps, among other projects.

Act Now primarily schedules intensive networking – Act Now actors spend two or more weeks working with the same casting director in a workshop setting. Our 15 years of experience has demonstrated that this method helps actors build more solid relationships with industry professionals than a one-time meeting.

Secondly, our actors work with a highly trained consultant. Each consultant tailors an individualized plan for clients, allowing them to target industry professionals who will be the most receptive to actors at any stage of their career.  Our actors are never pushed into workshops that are inappropriate for their skill level or current goals.

Finally, Act Now does not have an “open door” policy. While we work with all levels of talent, we must ensure that our actors are professional, well-trained, and pursuing careers as a business to maintain our reputation for excellence. As a result, all actors are thoroughly pre-screened through an interview and cold reading assessment and placed into one of six levels.

ROCKET PROPELLED SUBSCRIBER DISCOUNT: Mention Rocket Propelled and receive 10% off your first workshop at Act Now.



ROCKET PROPELLED SUBSCRIBER DISCOUNT: Mention you saw us on Rocket Propelled Ltd and get 15% off your first workshop.


EMH Productions

EMH Productions is proud to be in affiliation with The Steve Eastin Studio and CBSI.  We are putting our time and energy into workshops for actors to have a place to network with casting directors and industry professionals.  We all know how difficult it can be to market our talents successfully.  This is an arena to take charge of your career and do just that.  Workshops are set up as an educational tool for actors to utilize to help further their goals and dreams.  We wish you all success as you continue your pursuits and offer any assistance we can in helping you further your career.

ROCKET PROPELLED SUBSCRIBER DISCOUNT: Mention you saw us on Rocket Propelled Ltd and GET YOUR FIRST WORKSHOP for $30! 

(Some restrictions do apply)

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GoGo Acting Workshops is different than other workshops. It is run by two actors BETH GEIGER and SUZANNE GUTIERREZ. GoGo is a place where actors can network, learn more about auditioning and not feel like just another face in the crowd. It’s is friendly, intimate (22 actors or less) and always educational. Come check out GoGo Acting/Casting Director Workshops and see why they are different than other workshops.

ROCKET PROPELLED SUBSCRIBER DISCOUNT: Mention you saw us on Rocket Propelled Ltd and GET YOUR FIRST WORKSHOP for $30!


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