ARC – Actors Rising Club

One of our recent level one students, Angela Oberer, has put her “$500.00 business challenge”* to use and has set up an amazing resource for Actors….here is the link to the new ARC club:

*The $500.00 business challenge is taught on The Living Actor – Level One Course

“Come join us, get your game on, network, rehearse and get plugged in.”

New Actors Rising Club meet every Tuesday (5:00-7:00pm)

The group briefly go over a few business items and then jump immediately into rehearsal.

Bring sides you are working on, or an audition you need to tape for self submission and come prepared to have some fun.

We will practice for about an hour, then we will tape scenes for personal review or to send to your agent.

We’re going to have a blast.

We’ve rented rehearsal space that is camera ready (backdrop, lighting etc.) and we’ve paid for the meetup website and promotion – for this we charge a small administration fee of $5 per meeting, paid via paypal online with check or credit card. Or $10 CASH AT THE DOOR.

A HECK of a lot less than many acting classes in town and we’ll cover lots of exercises to make us better actors.

Let’s not talk about it, let’s just dive in and move forward with our careers.

See you on Tuesday.


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