Opening 25th March in Los Angeles!

Folks, making an independent film from pre to post production is just the starting block in the movie making process. Getting distribution and the uphill “ground roots” marketing battle that ensues, makes or breaks the films success.

Selling tickets and filling theaters is paramount and I am reaching out to everyone who loves our business as much as I do to support “White Irish Drinkers” which I Cast, Co Produced (and am incredibly proud of).

The film opens at ArcLight in Los Angeles on 25th March and I am on a personal mission to fill the theater…..

I need your help! Please spread the word in anyway you can and join me in putting B.O.S (bums on seats) for both the opening weekend in LA and more importantly the weekends following to make this MASTERPIECE a success.

See you all at “the movies” on March 25th!



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3 responses to “Opening 25th March in Los Angeles!

  1. You can count on my butt and I will round up a few more! 🙂
    DH Lewis

  2. leslie

    Yes and then after the show Friday night, walk over to the FiveOFour on Hollywood Blvd for a post-show with the Shillaly Brothers!

  3. Hi, You didn’t give me your name. But saw the trailer at Lammelle theater and hopefully my husband and I can come Mrach 25th! Good luck!

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