Welcome to Rocket Propelled Ltd…

Rocket Propelled LTD is an online community bringing together artists from all fields and from around the world,  to create ideas, concepts, and projects that continue to excite their lives.

Industry professionals RICK PAGANO and RUSSELL BOAST joined forces in January 2009 to form Rocket Propelled LTD in order to help artists and entertainers navigate their OWN way to success.

HOLLYWOOD is all about “Who You Know” and Rocket Propelled LTD is a community that will help you discover and share those valuable resources. The more you participate, the more powerful our combined resources will become.

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you:
I am here to live out loud.”
– Emile Zola


3 responses to “Welcome to Rocket Propelled Ltd…

  1. Rick, Russell and Lauren,
    Thank you so much for the inspiration and adjustment to my sails…I can feel the boat moving again and the sun on my face. Bravo to you all for not being “Gate Keepers” but for being brave forward thinking light houses in a foggy storm swept port.
    You have my gratitude, respect and highest thanks.
    -Bert Rotundo

  2. julie Brettin

    Hello, I want to thank you all for a wonderful class. I gained great insight towards acting and found out first hand what you need to do to stand out and to be successful! I look forward to learning and growing more from all the valuable information that was brought to my fingertips.

    Thank you Kindly,
    Julie Brettin

  3. Bob LaMontagne

    I’m interested. I suppose you are looking for good fits. Looking at your web page if a refresher with the insights you offer. Nice metaphors to be sure. Thanks.

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